Mr. Kamen Litov – Bulgaria

Judging rights: International FCI ALL Round judge – All FCI groups, All breeds.

FCI Judge number 15727

Съдийски права: Международен съдия FCI ALL Round – k-litov_Всички породни групи, всички породи.

Ползвани езици: Английски, Немски, Руски, Сръбски

Специализация в породи: Германско овчарско куче

СV: Камен Литов разбира, че ще се занимава с кинология още през 1963 година. През 1991 година основава първия клуб за Германски овчарски кучета в България – „Българско обединение за германски овчарски кучета“ и вече 20 години е негов председател. Отглежда и развъжда породата под името „Хаус Калия“. От 2002 година до днес е и Председател на Българска Рeпубликанска Федерация по кинология. Камен Литов съвместява дейностите на ръководител и съдия успешно и редовно взима участие в различни клубни, национални и международни киноложки мероприятия по света. До сега е съдил в много Европейски държави, в Азия и Южна Америка, както и на няколко Европейски и Световни изложби.

Judging rights: International FCI ALL Round judge – All FCI groups,
All breeds.

Languages: English, German, Russian, Serbian

Breed specialist: German shepherd dogs

CV: Kamen Litov realizes that cynology is his life in 1963. In 1991 he establishes the first German shepherd breed club in Bulgaria – „Bulgarian Union for German shepherd dogs“ and for 20 years now he is the only President. He is owner and breeder of German shepherds with the kennel name „Haus Kalia“. In 2002 he becomes President of Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology. Kamen Litov successfully work in both directions – as leader and judge and he regularly take part in different cynological activities like club, national and international dog shows all over the world. Up to now he has been judging in many European countries, Asia and South America, also at some European and World dog shows under the aegis of FCI.

Mr. Georgi Apostolov – Bulgaria

Judging rights: International judge for FCI groups І and II. And working trials.

FCI Judge number 15735apostolov

Съдийски права: Международен съдия за І и II FCI групи и работни изпитания.

Ползвани езици: Английски, Турски

Специалист за порода: Германско овчарско куче

 Spoken languages English, Russian
Authorised in Bulgaria (Written permission required)
First authorised in 2005
Countries judged in International
Kennel name v. Goppy I
Breeder of German shepherd dogs
General information I was born in 1970, in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. We have always been raising dogs but I started doing it professionally when I went in military like a trace dog trainer. My first appearances in cynology was in 1991. Later then I began breeding dogs. I am the owner of kennel „von Goppy I“, my bred dogs were competiting in many different dog events in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and USA. Since 2006 I am a judge in working tests – IPO.

Mrs. Tanya Arangelova – Bulgaria

Judging rights: International judge for FCI groups ІV, VІ, ІХ and Х – all breeds.

FCI Judge number: 16029

Съдийски права: Международен съдия за ІV, VІ, ІХ и Х FCI групи – всички породи.tanya_dl

Ползвани езици: Английски, Немски, Руски

Специалист за порода: Далматин

СV: Съдия е от 2003 година и до сега е съдила на изложби с ранг САС и САСІВ в България, Сърбия, Чехия, Финландия. Председател на Български далматин клуб. Почетен член на Киноложко дружество „Първомай“.

Spoken languages English, German, Russian
Authorised in Bulgaria (Written permission required)
First authorised in 2003
Countries judged in Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia
Kennel name Hebros Pearl and Divalinor Co-owned & Dimitar Stanchev
Breeder of Dalmatian

Mrs. Aase Jakobsen – Norway

FCI Judge number: 16029

Judging rights: International judge for FCI groups ІV, VІ,VІІ- all breeds and ІІ , VІІІ – breeds
Spoken languages Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedishaase-judging
Authorised in Norway
First authorised in 1993
Countries judged in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, USA, New Zealand, Estonia and Russia.
Kennel name Toot’s
Breeder of Dalmatian

You might mentioned I have been a Dalmatian breeder since 1980, and I guess I had approx 200 puppies and about 50 of my breedings have become a champion in Norway or other countries.  I have exported Dalmatians to USA, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Israel.

Mr. Dragan Krstic – Serbia

FCI Judge number:  M-1083

Judging rights: International judge for FCI groups ІІ, ІІІ, ІV, VІ,VІІ, VІІІ, ІХ and X
 Spoken languages: Serbian,  English
 Born in town Vlasotince,Serbia,on 1974.Since year of 1994,he has been constantly occupied with breeding of DJT,AST and since year of 2000,he is also a breeder of hunting dogs.On year of 2000,he becomes the judge of cinology,He was judging on lot of cinology manifestations in Serbia and encirclement countries.He got the medal of Kennel Club of Serbia for constribution in evolution of cynology in Serbia.He is the secretary in Kennel Club of Vlasotince.He is active in hunting cinology,zhe sekretary of Hunting Association „Crna Trava“ and the president of hunting section of tne Association.He lives in town of Vlasotince

Mr. Harry Tast – Finland

Judging rights: International FCI ALL Round judge – All FCI groups, All breeds.

FCI Judge number 10231


Spoken languages English, Finnish, French, German, Swedish

Harry Tast purchased his first dog in 1963 and the first litter was born in 1968. His breed is Fox Terrier and the prefix is “Bonnie Step”. For the breeding activities he has been awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeders’ Plaque of the Finnish Kennel Club in 1982 – as the first Fox Terrier breeder in Finland.

Tast has been active in the Finnish Kennel Club and its regional organisation and several breed clubs. He has been member of the Finnish Kennel Club Council and Board and the chairman of the Exterior Judges and Show Committee also representing Finland in the FCI Show, Judges and Ferreting Dogs Commissions. He has been a.o.t. the President of the national Fox Terrier Club and of the Ferreting Dogs Section of the Regional Kennel District.

As a exterior judge he received the first qualifications in 1985 and is an all rounder since 2003. He has judged in most countries in Europe as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.

In addition to dogs he is also active in equestrian sports and breeding. He has been active as an international dressage judge, a gait judge for riding horses and a member of the national Stallion Committee.


Mrs. Polina Simic- Serbia


Judging rights: International FCI judge – I, II, III, V, VIII, IX FCI groups, 
Languages: English, Russian, Serbian

Breed specialist: Caucasian shepherd dogs, Central Asia shepherd dogs

Authorised in Serbia

First authorised in 2001.

Countries judged in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina…

CV: Polina Simic realizes that cynology is her life in Russia in DOSAAF Club (Cinology Club for military dogs). Polina purchased her first dog in 1984 and the first litter was born in 1986. Her breed was the Airedale Terrier and the prefix is „Ezheni“. She was dressage instructor and an active member of the club Airedale Terrier. In 1995 she moved to Serbia and started breeding Caucasian shepherd dog and later in 2004 Central Asia shepherd dogs. She is owner and breeder of Caucasian and Central Asia shepherds with the kennel name „Ruski Izvor“ (2002.), which produced many champions, has a world champion and Europe, many champions of different countries. In 2003 she established the first Caucasian & Central Asia shepherd club in Serbia  and after 2 years Club transformed to Club of the Russian breeds. For 15 years now she is being the only President of the Club. Author of the book about Caucasian Shepherd, as well as the editor and publisher of several magazines on Russian breeds and a promoter Russian breeds. Organiser and show director on many speciality dog shows in Serbia. Published her kynological articles in “ZOV” magazine and other Cinologycal magazins in Serbia and Russia. As a judge exterior, she received her first qualifications in 2001 and in 2005 she became International judge.


Web: http://www.ruskiizvor.jimdo.com/

Председател на контролната комисия на „Парад на шампионите“ 

Mrs. Катя Стефанова – България

Съдийски права: Международен съдия за V, VI и VII FCI групи – всички породи и работни изпитания. Национален съдия за IV FCI група.katia
Ползвани езици: български, руски, френски, сръбски езици
Специалист за порода: Бретон шпаньол, Германски курцхаар
CV: Госпожа Катя Стефанова е основател на развъдник “BENDIDA” където работи с доказaни линии и гени на породата Епаньол Бретон. Собственик на първото куче от породата епаньол бретон /Меги-Зина/с най-голям брой титли и победи /597/ , която слага началото на едно ново поколение от шампиони на полеви изпитания и екстериорни изложби.
Госпожа Стефанова е Председател на Клуб Епаньол Бретон от 2010 година.
Доказан международен съдия с опит за ловни кучета /екстериор и полеви изпитания/.
Канена за съдия на много международни киноложки и полеви изпитания в чужбина.


Mrs. Jelena Cerovic  – Serbia